Moving from prison or jail to success gets boosts


This excerpt from The Daily Record documents an increased ability to focus on bringing those from jail or prison into self sustaining work. . .

State funding will allow Reentry Coalition to become a services delivery provider

By DAN STARCHER Staff Writer Published:  October 20, 2016 4:00 AM
WOOSTER -- "At a time when funding seemed to be pulled away and going in another direction, the state decided to put funding into service efforts around reentry," said Ken Ward executive director of Ana Zao at a Reentry Coalition meeting on Monday.

The funding provided by the state allows the Reentry Coalition to move toward becoming a services delivery provider.

"We have built the framework for the coalition," said Ward. "Now we have the opportunity to actually pull those pieces together to write a viable plan for each and every returning citizen that has been a part of that state and/or local system of incarceration."

A referral from the system of incarceration will see significant changes, Ward said.

"We will meet with that individual pre-release, and a plan will be constructed to address the various areas of need," said Ward. "That plan will come back to the county here and we will put it before the service coordination committee to map out all of the services that individual needs to be successful in returning to the community."

Another piece of funding was acquired through the coalition's efforts.

"The Ohio Department of Mental Health put a significant piece of funding around the reentry effort with a contract they developed with CareSource," said Ward. "Ana Zao is now a contract agency with CareSource to provide the Community Transition Program (CTP)."

CTP is open to anyone who has been incarcerated and received mental health or substance abuse treatments in the state prison system. The program will offer six months of support as an individual transitions back into community life.