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We are seeing God at work in our community in so many ways -- ways that are connecting and opening doors in that can only be explained as God's hand in this.

Jesus is calling us to prayer with Him ... and to mobilization of His believing Church as we join His lead to minister to the struggling. [ more on these examples ]

At this very time, one such project is forming to focus on more effectively addressing the homeless, and nearly homeless, individuals and families who tend to gather on the south side of Wooster. [ more on The Living Room Project ]
This is a real opportunity for the believing community to be brought into mobilization over the weeks ahead.  Currently the project has some faith community involvement. However it is primarily lead by a Housing Coalition that is mainly made up of non-profit and governmental social service organizations. However the location where this project is to be located is the Wooster Salvation Army, which has a great deal of church community financial and volunteer support. This is an important opportunity for prayerful engagement. [ more on The Living Room Project ]

There are a substantial number of other activities relating to the local Church community engaging in our calling to minister to the struggling.  These all offer opportunities to consider in prayer what God is doing and how we are to respond to His lead. [ more on other activities (pending) ]

With more than 200 church congregations in Wayne County the potential for local missions is substantial. Each congregation is situated differently in the level and effectiveness in addresses the needs of their own members and others who come into their path or are waiting for the church to reach out to them.

If you are sensing God's Spirit prompting you to explore this further, please reply to this message in order to be kept in the loop as further activity develops.

We are prayerfully considering setting one or more on-line meeting opportunities for share developments and how our existing ministries or new/different calling may relate to our next steps together.  Your reply to this message will connect you to participate as this develops.