Grand Opening of Wooster Renewable Energy Project


Wooster OH- On July 15 Rep. Ron Amstutz toured and spoke at the grand opening of the Quasar facility located at the Wooster Waste Water Treatment Plant.

                Quasar is producing electricty from sewage sludge and other biomaterial. This waste to energy project is an innovative approach to processing wastewater collected from throughout Wooster.  This is a process very similar to the project at the Ohio Agricultural Research Center.  Both sites produce methane gas, generally referred to as natural gas. This gas then is burned in internal combustion engines that turn electric generators, producing sufficient electricity to meet and exceed  the considerable electric power needs of the treatment plant.

Joel Montgomery Director of Administration for the City of Wooster told the crowd in his speech that the city intends to use excess electric power to meet power needs at the nearby Wooster City fresh water plant. Potentially the methane could also provide fuel for city vehicles.

                Rep. Amstutz applauds the efforts of Quasar, the City of Wooster and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development City and financing partner Forest City for creating such an innovative public/private partnership.

               “When you get two seemingly different disciplines and have them work together in a collaborative effort you get a product that’s not only innovative but effective for the taxpayers.” Amstutz said.

                The digester that has been retrofitted to process the waste is generally a design that has only been constructed in Europe, but through efforts made both on the part of Quasar and the City of Wooster, Mayor Bob Brennemen said that the vast majority of the parts and contractors were all local so that “we not only build a historic facility but also build the local economy”.

                This facility is a landmark in Ohio’s campaign for renewable energy and is one of just a handful that have been built in the United States.

                “Renewable energy isn’t all created equal… we have something unique going on here at Quasar in Wooster” Amstutz said. He pointed out that this project was providing base load electric power on demand, which places it in a much more valuable category of alternative, green electric power.