Election Day viral thoughts


Let's take a look at our situation on this primary election day, as called for in Ohio law.

This is a good day to consider ways that we can "make lemonade" out of our sour situation.

This election has not been called off.  It actually started 30 days ago when early voted began. While it looks as though it won't be concluded today with the usual voting at polling places and the preliminary tally this evening, there is opportunity to design and implement some modifications, to be worked out in combination of administrative, legislative and judicial actions.

That said, let's consider the fact that we are a community and society that is deeply immersed in relationships. That is who we are, whether at work, at play -- whether healthy or not.

We are now faced with an unusual challenge -- a new virus of the many thousands that are around us daily.  That means that our natural immunity doesn't exist. But it also means that nearly all of us have bodies that are well-equipped to fight this virus, if we become infected.

How shall we live our lives with this new threat working its way toward us?

We cannot abandon our relationships that make our community, our country, our world what it is.

Nor can we ignore the fact of this new threat.  Both extremes are temptations that we must avoid.

Instead, we need to reach for our best approach -- like when getting hit with a winter blizzard or a summer flood.  We need to live with care for others -- especially for those who need us most.

Most of us have responsibilities for others -- whether they are children or aging parents.  Many of us have responsibility for others at work -- whether it is first responders caring for persons in trauma or trash haulers cleaning up after the rest of us.

We need to find ways to continue these services with as much common sense as we can muster. Otherwise we will face fare more serious troubles than this particular virus threatens to bring our way.

At this point I'm going to depart from my comment on mustering common sense.  Frankly, that will not be enough.

Here is where our faith in the One True God must come into gear.  This is a personal statement, but hear me out.

We are totally dependent on God's countless gifts to us, whether we acknowledge Him or even believe in Him.  Part of the reason we regularly are confronted with difficulties is to remind us of that fact.

In addition to being driven to our knees in renewed awe of the God who designed and made us for the purpose of caring for us and for the purpose of caring for others, this is a time for caring for each other.

This calls for action -- not blind action and not action driven by blinding fear.  

Our situation calls for us to come together -- not in large public gatherings at the moment, but in a spirit of commitment to our mutual well-being.

It calls for use to honor our normal relationships, while considering the opportunities to answer unusual needs in our daily living -- whether it be comforting a frightened neighbor or caring for a school-aged child whose parents are both working in nursing homes caring for the more vulnerable.

We are being asked to take measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus by such things as washing our hands regularly, keeping some distance from those who are sick and avoiding larger gatherings.

These are efforts to slow and lessen the spread of the virus.

We all need to coach and be coached on how we can live our lives in ways that help as get through this new trouble.

That means living with a significant level of courage.  

So, let's come around those who are short on courage right now and help them get through this.

Yes, it's still election day, though one that looks like it will extend beyond today.

There is lemonade to be made.  I'm planning to use sugar substitute to make mine.  

How about you?