On Balance



There is a wise couple that lives not far from us. In a recent conversation the one with proven expertise in viral things summed up our conversation on the main topic these days with one word: balance.

Our bodies are a battle ground of teeming microbes -- whether we are healthy or ill, alive or passed on.

How can this be, given that we have been rather fearfully focused on a single strand of virus?


On the surface, an ever changing mix of microbes swarm daily and nightly. Our skin is the first defense, masking many of them from entry into the inner parts of our being.

Inside us, another mix of microbes work non-stop to process what we swallow into our gut.  What we swallow always includes batch after batch of microbes -- some good, some bad.

Wait, there are good bacteria and viruses? And, do some of them help process what we consume, while others seek to destroy us?  How can this be?

The answers: balance.

And we breathe in air and exhaust a different mix. There too, the air is seldom pristine.  It comes with it's own microbial mix: fungus, viruses, life-giving chemicals (water vapor, and oxygen for starters), dust, the list goes on.

The answer is blowing in the wind: balance.

When things get out of balance, we become unhealthy -- sometimes gradually; other times "kaboom!"

Actually, a host of systems (hormonal, blood-borne antigens, white blood cells, etc.) are working inside each of us to keep the healthy microbes at work and protecting us from the ever-present nasty barrage.

Quick, easy quiz.  Answers provided:

What happens when things get out of balance in our bodies? 

We develop conditions -- like elevated or reduced body temperature, blood sugar, or weight.

What happens when things get out of balance in our thinking? 

We develop conditions -- like fear, laser focus on one thing (maybe a new virus?), emotional trauma, vulnerability to false rumors, subject to emotional manipulation, hoarding food and toilet paper.

What happens when governments get out of balance?  

We develop conditions -- like too much strength or too much weakness in how we govern ourselves, our families, our communities, our nation.

What happens when our spirits get out of balance?

We find ourselves worshiping at alters – like (1) it's all about the bottom line, (2) government, and my employer, and my spouse owe me (3) It's not my fault cuz my finger is pointed at [fill in the blank] (4) government's job is to take care of me (5) God's job is to help me get my way  (6) the list goes to infinity and beyond.

What happens when all of these things get out of balance at once?

We get the mess we’re in.