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The Ohio House and Ohio Senate are recess for most of this election season. 

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2013 New Ohio House and Senate Districts



New state legislative districts have been acted on by the Ohio Apportionment Board, in response to the 2010 census and the prescription of our Ohio Constitution. As a result, Wayne County will become Ohio House District 1 for the 2012 election, with representation beginning in January of 2013. Similarly, Wayne County will shift to a Senate District that includes the western edge of Stark and Summit Counties, plus northern Summit County. Maps of the new district are available on this page, and in more detail at the Internet links provided here.

It is Ohio's state constitution which requires Wayne County to become House District 1.  This is because our county is the only Ohio county in the 2010 census to have a population within five percent of the population of Ohio divided by 99, which is the number of Ohio house of representative seats. Wayne County's population of 114,520 is 1.76 percent below the 116,530 ideal population for a single county district.

On the Senate side, each district is made up of three house districts. Ours is being combined in a different combination than has been the case for the past 10 years. This involves a current state senator who is in mid-term, so in January of 2013 it is expected that State Senator Frank LaRose of Fairlawn. In he mean time we will continue to be represented by State Senator Larry Obhof of Medina.

Newly adopted Ohio House District Map for 2013:

For more detailed map: use this link




Newly adopted Ohio Senate District Map for 2013:


For more detailed map: use this link

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