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Current Message:

The Ohio House and Ohio Senate are in active session. 

The general schedule for committee and voting sessions for the second six months period is available at this link.

10 things the legislature did in 2011 toward strengthening Ohio  

[ read the report brief ]

1. Restored structural balance to our state's budget (HB 153)

2. Focused on more sensible regulation of our job providing private sector (SB 2) 

3. Revitalized Ohio's economic development strategies (HB 1)

4. Promoted more effective and accountable approaches to delivering state and local government services: Local Government Innovation Program (HB 153) 

5. Expanded performance audits to improve government services (SB 4)

6. Reformed our criminal justice system by sentencing more non-violent felons to community sanctions, rather than to state prisons (HB 86)

7. Targeted prescription drug abuse (HB 93)

8. Encouraged more college students to return to Ohio: In-state tuition rates (HB 153)

9. Moved to keeping more retirees in Ohio: Repeal the estate tax in 2013 (HB 153)

10. Laid groundwork to get a better handle on Medicaid programs that pay for delivering health care services to many citizens with few financial resources (HB 153)

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