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The Ohio House and Ohio Senate are in active session in the early months of 2014.

The general schedule for committee and voting sessions for the second six months period is available at this link.

Ron's Journal

Recovering lives one at a time in Portsmouth


Friday, Rep. Amstutz spent three encouraging and enlightning hours with State Rep. Dr. Terry Johnson and their community health care team in Portsmouth. There is much to learn here as the commitment to the well-being of the multi-county region is unmistakeable in the faces of the care-givers.

Compass Community Health Center in Portsmouth

Dr. Johnson with patient

State Rep. Dr. Terry Johnson is medical director in a clinic that is caring for many of the difficult cases throughout their region -- those whose lives have frequently crashed -- often with opiate additictions and often pregnant or with children. Children are able to stay with their mothers in residential facilities that provide highly structured support counseling.

 See the Center's web site: here  
See them on Facebook: here
See State Rep. Dr. Johnson's web site: here

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Did you know? Thanksgiving Day set 150 years ago...


Our day of Thanksgiving was set aside by presidential proclamation 150 years ago by then President Abraham Lincoln. Here is that proclamation, and a link to background for those who would like to go deeper ...

P.S. -- My special thanks to former House colleague, and ongoing friend, Jim Trakas for sharing this source document on his Facebook page.

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Insight from a mom and her daughter


Would you come with me inside the legislative process for a few minutes? I've chosen to share an online opportunity for you to be in the hearing room of the House Finance Committee as we were taking testimony on Thursday, March 21, 2013 on the proposed state budget for the next two years. I plan to provide additional thoughts related to this insightful testimony, but for now ...

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