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Current Message:

The Ohio House and Ohio Senate are in active session. 

The general schedule for committee and voting sessions for the second six months period is available at this link.

Ron's Journal

Protecting our state constitution from monopolistic special interests


Do you believe the audacity of those who ask voters to describe their properties in our Ohio Constitutuion and give them monopoly or cartel exclusive rights to a business proposition? It has already happened once with four casino locations around Ohio. Now a marijuana cartel is seeking to put their farms in exclusive rights to grow and sell marijuana.

Yesterday I testified in the Ohio Senate on a proposal to voters for this Fall that would prohibit monopolistic interests from using the initiative process to carve an advantageous place for themsleves in our state constitution. 

Here is my testimony on the proposed ballot language that the Ohio House passed last week by a vote of 81-12.

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It's time for Wayne County taxpayers to dial 911


Yesterday was another sad day for the taxpayers of Wayne County and the City of Wooster. So far there has been little to no clear, objective explanation of the facts associated with one of the most critical and basic functions of life-critical services provided by their elected officials.

Receiving our calls for emergency law enforcement, fire and ambulance services and connect them to that help is what is at stake here.

When turf and personality conflicts are driving key leaders -- both elected and appointed -- the results are almost never pretty. But the good news is that there is still time and real opportunity to make lemonade for the taxpayers of our community. Unfortunately that is not the path that has been developing -- mostly behind the curtain -- for the past several years.

This is a call for help. Our communities need to ask some basic questions and make some simple requests that their elected officials re-commit themselves to play nice in the sandbox for the benefit of us all.

The latest drama happended in Columbus yesterday ...

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Reigning in Ohio's K-12 testing requirements: HB 74


Another step to reigninig in Ohio's K-12 testing requirements was take today by the Ohio House of Representatives by passage of HB 74, which now goes to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.  The vote was 92-1, with my vote in the affirmative.

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