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Current Message:

The Ohio House and Ohio Senate are in active session. 

The general schedule for committee and voting sessions for the second six months period is available at this link.

Ron's Journal

Reigning in Ohio's K-12 testing requirements: HB 74


Another step to reigninig in Ohio's K-12 testing requirements was take today by the Ohio House of Representatives by passage of HB 74, which now goes to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.  The vote was 92-1, with my vote in the affirmative.

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Communities focused on helping folks lift themselves out of poverty


Today I presented legislation to a committee that aims to boost our communities' success rate at helping more folks help themselves up and out of poverty.  Tall order!

Yesterday, I introduced HB 196 and today presented it to the Ohio House Community and Family Advancement Committee, along with the bill"s other chief sponsor, Tim Derickson, who chairs that committee.

Here is my testimony to the committee:

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Race to thorium? Dynamics worldwide reported


Has the U.S. effectively surrendered on new safe nuclear electricity generation?

According to an April, 2015 article published in the Wall Street Journal, China and Russian are racing to profit from an energy source developed -- and over-regulated -- in the West ...


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